WELCOME to Brentwood United Reformed Church

This month's events

What is on!

Sunday 23rd December 2018 10am Holy Communion with Rev Shin
Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve) 11.15pm Christmas Eve communion
Tuesday 25th December 2018 10am Christmas Day service at the Brentwood Methodist Church
Sunday 30th December 2018 10am Revd S Maxey
Wednesay 2nd January 2019 9.30am Sacred Space
Sunday 6th January 2019 10am Mrs B Hunt
Wednesday 9th January 9.30am Sacred Space
Biblr Study 7.30pm

Bible Study Group at 48

                                                            St. Thomas Road
Sunday 13th January 10am Rev Shin with Church meeting
Monday 14th January 2.30pm Monday Guild
Wednesday 16th January 2.30pm Sacred Space
Sunday 20th January 10am The Guideons
Wednesday 23rd January 9.30am Sacred Space
Thursday 24th to Saturday 27th January   Holocaust Memorial event
Sunday 27th January 10am Holy Communion - Rev S Maxey