WELCOME to Brentwood United Reformed Church

This month's events

What is on!

Sunday 4th February 2018 10am Mr Tim Lee
Wednesday 7th February 9.30am Sacrewd Space
Wednesday 7th February 2pm URC Knitters
Thursday 8th February 7.30pm Bible Study Group 48 St Thomas Road
Sunday 11th February 10am Rev Sheila maxey
Monday 12th February 10.30am Provianl Lent Group meeting
Wednesday 14th Febraruy 9*.30am Sacred Space
Sundayt 18th Feb 10am Local arrangements
Wednesday 21st Feb 9.30am Sacred Space
Wednesdayh 21st Feb 2pm URC Knitters
Sunday 25th Feb 10am Rev Ruth mitchell
Monday 26th Feb 10.30am Lent Group
Wendsday 28th Feb 9.30am Sacred Space
Thursday 1st March 8pm Sacred Space
Sunday 4th March 10am Brentwood SchoolsChristain Worker Trust
Monday 5th March 10.30am Lent Group
Wednesday 7th March 9.30am Sacred Space
Wednesday 7th March 2pm URC Knitters
Thursday 8th March 7.30pm Bible Study Group  48 St Thomas Raod,
Sunday 11th March 10am Rev Paul Ellis
Monday 12th March 10.30am Lent Group
Monday 12th march 2.30pm Monday Guild
Wednesday 14th march 9.30am Sacred Space
Sunday 18th March 10am Mrs B Hunt
Monday 19th March 10.30am Lent Group
Wednesday 21st march 9.30am Sacred Space
Sunday 26th March 10am Palm Sunday with Revd Ruth Michell follwoed by the Annual Churh meeting
Wednesday 28th march 9.30am Sacred Space
Friday 30th March 9.15 Good Friday Rev Ruth Mitchell