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The United Reformed Church - uniting former Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Churches of Christ congregations

Morning Service at 10am Sunday, includes Crèche and Junior Church.
Holy Communion on the 4th Sunday of the month

Brentwood URC Photograph by Ian Davidson

Brentwood United Reformed Church, New Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4GD

Minister: Revd. Ruth Mitchell 01277 633143


We hope you will find this website useful in telling you about who we are, what we believe and what we do.


We are diverse group of people, women and men, younger and older, from different backgrounds and with different experiences, holding a variety of views on many issues.


We come together as a Christian congregation, part of the United Reformed Church, meeting for worship and other activities, both on Sundays and other days of the week.


Our building, in the centre of Brentwood, is used not only for worship but as a venue for music, prayer, learning and activities where we serve others.  The space is also used both to host children’s organisations and as a meeting space for several local groups.


Please feel free to contact us (including concerning baptisms or weddings) or simply come along to meet us.


Our Junior Church on a Sunday



Daily devotions from the United Reformed Church can be found here https://www.facebook.com/URCDailyDevotions/


What we stand for

The URC at its foundation affirmed:

The United Reformed Church has been formed in obedience to the call to repent of what has been amiss in the past and to be reconciled.  It sees its formation and growth as a part of what God is doing to make his people one, and as a united church will take wherever possible and with all speed, further steps towards the unity of all God's people.


Our Church


The Church has a blog at www.brentwoodurc.org.uk

The Church magazine is available here


Stan Francis is awarded the Christian Aid Diamond Award

Stan Francis of our church, , was  awarded the prestigious Christian Aid Diamond Award.  The award is given to volunteers who have given long and dedicated service to Christian Aid.  Stan has been involved in collecting and organising collections in Brentwood for the charity for over twenty years until he gave up this work in 2017.  It is estimated that he was responsible for about two hundred thousand pounds collected over this twenty years involvement.

Photo by Ian Davidson

O Lord, we bring before you our prayers of intercession for our world, for our country, for our church as it enters advent and for our loved ones and ourselves

Keep watch, keep watch was the command from your Son, Lord.  We pray that we stay awake and keep watch as we await both the celebration of the birth of your son but also as we await the second coming of your son as our savour and joy.  Keep watch keep watch with all the spiritual gifts we have been granted.  Keep watch, keep watch as we pray for your help and the power of the Holy Spirit as we wait in the darkness before the dawn of the new heaven and new earth, the New Jerusalem.

Let your Church  keep watch as we approach the celebration of your Son’s birth.  We pray that you will bless all the church activities taking place over advent and the coming Christmas season.  We remember particularly in our prayers the Wednesday lunch club and its Christmas lunch.  Reign down the power and peace of the Holy Spirit on those who organise it, those who run it and those who take part.

Keep watch keep watch, O Lord over this sinful fallen world – where you are denied in favour of crass consumerism, commercialism and criminality.  We pray that the Holy Spirit may move to bring light in the darkness that is your world today.

O Lord, we come before you, in the darkness that is our sinful existence.  We keep watch, with the spiritual gifts you have gracefully granted to us at this time of disaster, despare and death.  We keep watch over our families and loved ones; we ask you grant them peace and relief from suffering, relief from the mental, physical and spiritual malaise that may affect them. 

O Lord, many of your kingdom on earth keep watch with all the angels, arc angels and all the company of heaven for the second coming.  Keep watch with anticipation even impatience, keep watch with hope eternal, keep watch with joy overwhelming, keep watch with the deepest sadness and grief of earthly life that only the new heaven and new earth can repair and mend to make our lives and the lives of our loved ones whole and complete and sacred again. This we pray to you O Lord now, and in times to come

In a moment of silence as we keep  watch, hold post, stand both alone and together with your congregation here assembled,, that we may bring to you the prayers for our private, unspoken wants and desires, in particular we reflect on the coming Christmas and the hope of the resurrection eternal. 

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers





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We regret that the Church hall and Church building are fully booked for the foreseeble future.


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Minister: Revd. Ruth Mitchell 01277633143

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